News and Updates

A Global Avalanche Region Map

Summary In order to make the largest impact possible we are starting to refactor the OAP to have a global coverage. Enabling others around the world to look at data and make contributions will help accelerate our mission to improve the ability to create improved avalanche forecasts and cover more regions which currently aren’t covered by human forecasters. The first building block of this is having a single map (GIS shapefile) to identify which areas of the globe are likely avalanche regions and which aren’t.

18-19 Season Preview

Summary We have fixed several critical issues affecting the inability for the model to generalize and which had a negative impact on last seasons accuracy. We are also publishing accuracy goals for when experimental forecasts might also be published again and have outlined some analysis of where errors are still affecting the model and what is the plan to address them. Looking back on 17-18 Season Before we look at what are the plans for the coming season I wanted to provide a bit of an update on how we did and what we have learned from last season.